Sana Benefits - LP 2024 v1.1

LP 2024 v1.1

Affordable Small Group Plans with Concierge Primary Care

All Sana plans come with Sana Care, an online medical practice that is 100% covered by the plan. No copays, no appointments, no surprises.

Affordable Small Group Plans with Concierge Primary Care

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Affordable Small Group Plans with Concierge Primary Care

Sana Care: your personal online medical practice – 100% covered.

Your Sana Care Team can:

  • Virtually diagnose and treat you for common to complex conditions
  • Virtually administer health screenings and check-ups
  • Provide personalized care coordination and referrals to trusted in-network specialists
  • Write and refill eligible prescriptions
  • Answer any health related question you might have – big or small

The best virtual care – all-inclusive. No copays. No waiting rooms. No surprises.

Person holding smart phone for virtual doctor's visit.
Virtual Primary Care

Enjoy concierge-level primary care, no appointments necessary. Just like messaging your doctor friend.

Virtual Mental Healthcare

Sana health plans give you no copay mental healthcare when you need it and without the commute.

Woman holding a baby
Virtual Pediatric Care

Give kids the care they need without the stress and risks of waiting rooms. 100% covered by your plan.

Sana has 2-3X the customer satisfaction of competitors.

3.6 stars
1.4 stars
1.3 stars
1.2 stars
*Scores on as of March 20, 2024

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Who can become a Sana customer?
Sana provides health benefits to businesses. Sana can currently serve employers with an office location in Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, Arizona, Oklahoma, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, Virginia, and Michigan.
How many employees do I need to have?
Businesses need to have a minimum of 2 employees and 5 total individuals (including spouses and dependents) enrolled in the plan.
Do all of my employees need to be in one of those states?
Employees can be located anywhere in the U.S., there are no state restrictions on using your Sana health plan.
Do you offer dental and vision?
Yes, you can get dental and vision plans through Sana. We give you access to Beam for dental, and VSP for vision.
We can’t switch until the end of our plan year, right?
Not true! You aren’t required to stay with your current health insurance and can switch at any time throughout the plan year.
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