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Join our mission to deliver better healthcare to small businesses through a seamless care experience and affordable benefits.

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At Sana, we’re passionate about fixing the broken healthcare system.

We’ve assembled a team of entrepreneurial-minded people to create health plans that both improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

We’re always looking for new team members that are excited by our mission and ready to make a difference.

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Sana’s Employer Value Proposition 

In 2017, we recognized the flaws in the American healthcare system and took action to address them by founding Sana with a mission to make quality healthcare understandable, accessible, and affordable.

We have been deliberate from the outset in cultivating a team imbued with compassion and entrepreneurial spirit, understanding that to attract top talent, we must offer more than just a compelling mission—we need to provide exceptional benefits in return.

Sana operates as a remote-first company, embracing a flexible work environment that supports various lifestyles, from parents to digital nomads, enabling our employees to perform their best when they feel comfortable and inspired.

Our culture transcends typical perks like ping pong tables; instead, we focus on transparency, respect, and empowerment, treating every employee like an owner and avoiding micromanagement. We hire for the whole person, valuing authenticity and diversity, which enrich our collaborative efforts and help drive our mission forward.

At Sana, we believe in the magic of collaboration, not just in achieving professional goals but in fostering an environment where every interaction is imbued with respect and a shared commitment to improving healthcare. 

Our Values: Be curious, Embrace change, Ship it, Take ownership (BEST)

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Be curious

Stay hungry for more knowledge. Ask questions from a place of genuine curiosity and humility. Assume each other’s best intentions without shying away from solutions-oriented debate. Meet your teammates with compassionate candor to solve problems together for our customers.

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Embrace change

Start-ups are tumultuous environments, and our daring vision means we will face setbacks. We view failures as opportunities to grow as individuals and as a company. Remain flexible, resilient, and foster a culture of continuous learning even in the face of hardship. Take care of yourself so you can be there to support your teammates.

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Ship it

Bring a bias for action paired with intelligent risk-taking. Keep the ball moving forward at each step; take action and make a decision even with imperfect data. Make bold bets to positively impact the healthcare industry while recognizing the potential friction that comes with innovation.

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Take ownership

Embrace responsibility. Follow through on your commitments and foster trust with your colleagues. Own your mistakes and be accountable to others, knowing everyone shares in our success through equity in Sana.

Our benefits & perks

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Competitive salary and equity
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100% remote
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Monthly stipend to work away from home
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Flexible PTO
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Medical, life, dental, and vision insurance
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Paid maternity and parental leave
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Annual Learning Stipend

Our commitment to a diverse workforce

At Sana, we understand that inclusion enables a meaningful work environment where diversity, unique characteristics, backgrounds and beliefs drive the groundbreaking strategic thinking that gives us a competitive edge in a complex marketplace.

When you join the Sana Benefits team you’re not a number. You’re a contributor, a partner, and an innovator helping us improve our healthcare industry.

Our people department is here to hire and develop a world-class team who believe in our mission. We’re bringing together meaningful collaborators and empathetic communicators to build a better future for our members.

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