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Join our mission to make quality healthcare understandable, accessible and affordable for all.

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At Sana, we’re passionate about fixing the broken healthcare system.

We’ve assembled a team of entrepreneurial-minded people to create health plans that both improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

We’re always looking for new team members that are excited by our mission and ready to make a difference.

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Sana’s Employer Value Proposition 

The American healthcare system is broken, so in 2017, we rolled up our sleeves and decided to do something about it. Our mission of making quality healthcare understandable, accessible, and affordable is a heavy lift, and we knew we’d need the right people behind the wheel to get there. That’s why we’ve been intentional from day one about building a team that lives and breathes compassion and entrepreneurship. 

We hire the best of the best, and we understand that in order to do that, we need to offer more than just a universally awesome mission everyone can get behind. We need to offer our team the best of the best in return. We decided to build the company we want to work at, where the work is meaningful, and the job supports your life, not the other way around.

We offer you the flexibility to live life on your terms. We celebrate parents, digital nomads, and every lifestyle in between. We built Sana as a remote-first company from day one because we believe you do your best work when you’re comfortable, well-rested, energized, and inspired. Our flexible PTO policy assumes our teammates are adults who can manage their own time — as long as you’re getting the job done. We respect and protect everyone’s need to recharge and live their best lives.

We award every employee with the transparency and respect of an owner because we expect you to give Sana the commitment, strategic initiative, and dedication of an owner. Leadership’s goal is always transparent, authentic communication. We believe that when everyone knows what’s going on, we have our best chance at success.

We are very strategic about our hires. We put the right people in the right positions to ensure success for themselves, their stakeholders, and for Sana. Therefore, we trust you to get the job done and empower you to do so independently and collaboratively. We run a lean ship, so nobody here has time for micromanagement. You do you, and we’re here to provide mentorship and guidance along the way. 

When we make a hire, we hire the whole person. There’s no need to code-switch, put on a mask, or suppress your true self at Sana. Everyone at Sana is respectful, reasonable, sincere, and genuine. We support and recognize each other in celebration of upholding our core values, and we count on diverse perspectives to help us make the right business decisions for our company.

When we hire empathetic and entrepreneurial individuals at our truly mission-driven company, we are setting ourselves up for collaborative magic. Our culture isn’t ping pong tables or free lunches. (Although we do have great benefits.) It’s the magic and joy we get out of everyday collaboration with each other — on all levels — to help us meet our goals and succeed in our mission to make quality healthcare understandable, accessible, and affordable for all.

Our values

Build the Future

Healthcare is broken. The only way we’re going to do anything better than the status quo is to throw away the status quo. We don’t follow the way things have been done. We build what should be done.

Be Clear

We communicate clearly with each other, our members, and our vendors. We are upfront and authentic. We simplify complex statements and ideas so everyone can understand.

Empower Others

This is an environment of teamwork. We support each other in order to succeed. We support our members and give them the information they need to make good decisions.

Align Incentives

As a company, we align the incentives and goals of our customers, members, partners, and providers. If we always look for a win-win, we naturally lose the negative incentive to do the wrong thing. We’ll always end up in a better place.

Our benefits & perks

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Competitive salary and equity
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100% remote
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Monthly stipend to work away from home
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Flexible PTO
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Medical, life, dental, and vision insurance
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Paid maternity and parental leave
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Charity matching

Wondering what it’s like to work at Sana? Hear from a few of our employees.

Our commitment to a diverse workforce

At Sana, we understand that inclusion enables a meaningful work environment where diversity, unique characteristics, backgrounds and beliefs drive the groundbreaking strategic thinking that gives us a competitive edge in a complex marketplace.

When you join the Sana Benefits team you’re not a number. You’re a contributor, a partner, and an innovator helping us improve our healthcare industry.

Our people department is here to hire and develop a world-class team who believe in our mission. We’re bringing together meaningful collaborators and empathetic communicators to build a better future for our members.

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