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Benefits your clients will love.

Sana is different, and that’s a good thing. Our level-funded plans offer fair pricing and long-term savings. Our network includes 1.7 million provider locations, plenty of world-class care options for $0, and a flexible policy that eliminates out-of-network fees. Step up your offerings with Sana. Your clients will thank you.

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Benefits your clients will love.
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Why you’ll love Sana

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Employer dashboard

Everything you need to manage health benefits in one place.

Competitive, accurate pricing

Level-funded plans provide long-term savings.

Easy quoting

Get rates in 48 hours. No medical questionnaires needed.

Flexible nationwide network
Over 1.7 million provider locations to choose from, and no out-of-network fees.
Dedicated support

An expert customer success team is here to assist brokers and admins.

$0 healthcare
Modern providers for everything from telehealth to complex procedures — all at little or no cost to members.

Resources to help you sell Sana.

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Done in seconds, not minutes.

Need to complete admin tasks for your clients? It’s easy. Approve new enrollees, complete adds and terms in real-time, track claims spend, and more.

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Sana provides health plans to employers with a business address in select states. The address does not have to be the company headquarters, and employees in all 50 states can be covered. See here for an up-to-date list.

No, we never use medical questionnaires.

Sana’s standard commission for brokers is a Tiered PEPM.

We provide level-funded health insurance. Just like fully insured, you never owe more than your monthly contribution and what’s included in your plan design (coinsurance, deductibles, etc). A stop-loss insurance policy is included and will cover any excess claims.

Sana’s renewal rates are better than the legacy carriers because we price plans more accurately right off the bat.

Sana takes care of everything for you. There is no additional work you need to do to maintain the plan.

We offer a broad range of plans. They will range from low deductible to high deductible, varying levels of coinsurance, and HSA and PPO options.

Yes. Sana plans meet the ACA requirements for employers to offer health coverage. Sana also helps with compliance paperwork for your annual filings.

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