How can group health insurance brokers save small businesses money?
As a group health insurance broker or benefits advisor, it can be difficult to find money-saving solutions for small group clients. Most health insurance plans were simply not designed with the needs of small
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pot of gold representing money group health insurance brokers can save small businesses
Healthcare trailblazers: How Asana makes the most of free wellness benefits
Healthcare in the U.S. is a broken industry in need of trailblazers. The U.S. spends roughly double what comparable countries spend on healthcare — but ranks dead last among them in healthcare outcomes, eq
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5 free employee retention strategies for small business owners in 2022
In late 2020, record numbers of U.S. workers began voluntarily leaving their jobs, and the so-called Great Resignation shows no signs of stopping. According to Business Insider, over 4million Americans had qu
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two employees excited about their small business health benefits
Top 16 things to consider when offering small business health insurance
Offering small business health insurance is one of the best decisions employers can make to ensure both the health of their employees and the longevity of their business: Group health insurance for small busi
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employers considering different small business health insurance plans
Health insurance 101: What is a TPA?
If you’ve ever shopped for self-funded health insurance plans for your small business, you’ve probably encountered the term “third-party administrator,” or TPA.  In this blog post, we dive into th
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computer screen showing research on what a TPA is