Is Sana Benefits legit?
Choosing a modern insurance company over a well-known, legacy insurance carrier can feel challenging. Even if the legacy companies cost more, you might be tempted to go with them because they’re household n
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male small business owner considering sana benefits wondering if it is legit
Sana: 2021 in review
At Sana, our mission is to make healthcare understandable, accessible, and affordable. It’s lofty, and we like it that way. Healthcare won’t be fixed overnight, but when we look back at what our team acco
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Sana team
Sana MD: Your new advanced primary care provider
Sana is excited to announce we’ve partnered with Proactive MD, a national leader in offering comprehensive primary care, to open Sana MD, a new Advanced Primary Care health center in Austin, Texas.
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Why I joined the Sana Benefits team
One of Sana’s values is “build the future.”  I came to Sana, sleeves rolled up, to help build and scale what healthcare should - and can - be.  You can read a bit about what we’ve already got going in this post. And you know what? We’re on our way to delivering healthcare experiences orders of magnitude more impactful than that first e-commerce transaction on my smartphone.
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Sana’s value-based care approach
Value-based care is a strong alternative to the typical FFS provider reimbursement method. It rewards providers for achieving high-quality health outcomes without unnecessary visits or procedures. With millions of Americans getting a misdiagnosis every year, the value of getting it right and being efficient is crucial in bringing overall costs down. 
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